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Telford Business Park, Clacton on Sea

We were approached during the first COVID lockdown by FGH (Essex) Ltd. to commission and install an 11KVA cable lay, reaching 520m across the whole of Telford Business Park.


Despite the difficult timing and unprecedented situation, Glenelly and its staff performed exceptionally, working with the client from the outset with their presentation, understanding of the client's needs and outcomes, and their safe and cost-effective approach. The client was pleased with Glenelly's engagement with the Highway Authority and DNO on their behalf, and appreciated the regular updates and progress reports throughout the process. Glenelly also complied with the client's site rules and safety protocols during the COVID pandemic and successfully completed the project on time and within budget.

"The timing of our works could not have been planned nor executed at a more difficult time coinciding with the first COVID lockdown. Despite this unprecedented situation you and your staff performed exceptionally. We were impressed from the outset with the presentation given to us and the understanding of our needs and outcomes. From the start you took the time to listen to our project team in determining from the site survey the safest and most cost-effective route of what ended up as a 520m 11KVA cable lay. It was refreshing to see that the operational staff were well trained and competent in their roles, working safely and in cooperation with our own site staff.

We are pleased that you engaged fully with the Highway Authority on DNO on our behalf as this greatly assisted our team, who did not have experience in these aspects of the project.

I must thank you all for keeping us fully informed throughout the process, which given the complexity of the legal aspects of the site covenants was critical to ensuring that the project was delivered as per the agreed program, on time and within budget. The regular updates and progress reports were again greatly appreciated.

Given the COVID situation it was vital that you complied with our site rules. The site safety toolbox talks and briefings each day with our own staff present (albeit in the cold and socially distanced!) was again welcome as we all felt our way through uncharted territory. You provided us with the comfort that the project was managed professionally from both office and on site.

The works that you undertook out of hours and on weekends minimised the impact on both our site operations and in the wider context of the industrial estate as a whole. Again, we must thank the site operatives for their positive and proactive attitude to completing the job.

You have certainly delivered us a project that at one point we felt because of circumstances would not be deliverable, but as you promised, you certainly pulled out all the stops and provided us with a professional service.

It was a refreshing experience working with yourselves and we look forward to collaborating with you on future phases and on our other projects.

Kindest regards,

Phil Harvey


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