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Residential/ Commercial Development

We offer a unique approach to utility connection that sets us apart from traditional utility installers. We understand the frustrations that you may face when working with other companies, and we're committed to delivering a better experience. Our approach is focused on connecting on time and budget, while also providing exceptional customer service.

Our directors have extensive experience in the utility industry and this has established us as a true multi-utility company. From land appraisal and planning approval, temporary building supplies and diversions, pre-acquisition to the last connection, Glenelly will integrate into your team with a fully co-ordinated utility solution built around your needs.

We believe in transparency and honesty, and that's why we have a no hidden costs policy. We'll provide you with an upfront and honest approach, and you'll have your own personal team working on your project to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

No hidden costs.

Your own personal team.

An upfront, honest approach.

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